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Poster: brewster Date: May 16, 2009 9:00am
Forum: longnow Subject: Thank you to The Long Now and Rosetta folks

The Rosetta Project of the Long Now started as a result of a workshop in 1996 and has been bearing fruit since then, and hopefully will bear fruit for 10,000 years. They have created disks that can last a very long time (I have the honor to have one), and they also made sure that the documents make it into the living archives of our time, such as this one.

This collection uses ISO language codes that are closely related to the MARC language codes that the archive text collection uses. Therefore, it should be possible to see if there are full books in those languages.

Thank you to Jim Mason, Laura Buszard-Welcher, and dozens of others who have put years into make an important idea come true.